To best serve our customers, ABS dedicates a large full-time billing staff in our New York office, to handle every aspect of medical billing. Our experienced staff will work with you to formulate a plan to ensure all of your business needs are met. We can handle all of your billing services including:

  • Maintaining a database with your entire patient population including addresses, insurance coverages and all demographics pertinent to your practice needs.
  • Data-entering all of your medical charges in an efficient and timely manner to ensure compliance with timely-filing deadlines imposed by insurance carriers.
  • Full-time certified coders to enhance education and increase your revenue through proper coding and billing practices as dictated by the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • Submitting your claims electronically with HIPAA compliant software and transaction sets. This ensures maximum efficiency in transmitting your claims to the carriers for processing which expedites the receipt of payments and EOBs.
  • Accounts Receivable Management including following up with insurance carriers, handling appeals and billing patients as necessary to ensure proper and efficient reimbursement.
  • Processing all of your insurance and patient payments and making bank deposits for you. We have an organized staff dedicated to overseeing all of your payment and banking needs.
  • Providing custom reports on productivity, performance and accounts receivable. We have the flexibility to provide reports to you on a monthly basis or as often as necessary to meet your needs.

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Advanced Billing Services, Inc. (ABS) is a full service medical billing and practice management company.
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